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Students! The MCF is offering 4 free places at each of our quarterly meetings to students from European Universities on
a first-come, first-served basis. Do take this opportunity to hear and meet with some of the
top international experts in wet and marine corrosion. This will enable you to see the range
of opportunities that exist in the field of Corrosion Engineering and Materials Science.
See contact details below to request an invitation - please send a few words on why you'd like to come, using your university e-mail.

One of our first student visitors wrote: I really enjoyed attending the marine corrosion forum, I started my PhD a little over a month ago and found
the technical talks very stimulating as they gave me an overview of many different types of corrosion in applications
that I had not yet come across. I thought the meeting layout was very well thought through as it gave plenty of time
for informal discussions with the other attendees creating a relaxed atmosphere. On top of this I found the open discussion
very interesting, as it was nice to hear so many experienced people talk openly about some of the problems they encountered
in their work. By far the most valuable thing I think I took from the day was the contacts that I made. Everyone was very
friendly and the informal conversations that I had gave me new ideas as to where I could look next to advance my research.

I would recommend the marine corrosion forum for anyone studying wet corrosion, not only for the excellent talks and discussions
but also for making contact with highly experienced corrosion experts.

Members' comments:
"A particularly good organisation for keeping you up to date with the people, the science and the technology in the field of corrosion." Dr Clive Tuck, Lloyd's Register EMEA

The Marine Corrosion Forum exists for discussion and exchange of information on materials and wet corrosion matters relevant to the marine, offshore, and associated industries. The aim of the MCF is to advance the practical, technical and scientific understanding of marine corrosion, by providing a forum for the discussion of technical information, arranging presentations on technical subjects by leading experts, and disseminating information to members.  Typical topics covered include:  coating technology, composites, corrosion engineering and design, desalination plants, chloride effects, erosion-corrosion, microbial induced corrosion, shipping and naval issues, corrosion protection, corrosion prevention and cathodic protection. (Originally the Marine Corrosion Club, established 1988).

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Founded 1988

Are you interested in joining us?  Download details: Marine Corrosion Forum

For information on Marine Corrosion Forum membership and prices view the Membership page, or for an invitation to be a guest at one Forum meeting contact the Secretariat.


The MCF is a member of the World Corrosion Organization

Downloadable: WCO White Paper on Global Needs for Knowledge Dissemination, Research, and Development in Materials Deterioration and Corrosion Control

and, for companies wishing to become members of the WCO, the WCO Affiliate Membership Agreement.


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