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Minutes of the General Meeting held on 04 April 2001 at The Stakis Tree Tops Hotel, 161 Springfield Road, Aberdeen.

Persons present

Daley Lasibikan OIS
David Boote SSF
Kevin Waterton CAPCIS
Steve McCoy Special Metals
Paul Badelek BP
Stuart Bond TWI
Brian McLoughlin Shell Expro
Steve Paterson Shell Expro
Carol Powell CDA
Anne Neville Heriot Watt University
Keith Stokes DERA
Yannick Puget DERA

By Invitation

Brian McNally Allegheny Ludlum Steel
Andrew Nowicki Brown & Root
Bruce Molland Devonian
Joan Thomas WJFE

1. Apologies

Ron Gerlock Allegheny Ludlum Steel
Andrew Speyer Southampton University
Robert Wood Southampton University
John Fowler Rolls Royce
GC Grim Materials and Corrosion Protection Ltd
Peter Cutler NiDi
Brian Bell Totalfinaelf
David Peacock Titanium Information Group
Ken Woolley QCI International
Trond Rogne SINTEF
Roger Francis Weir Materials
Phil Jacques Oil States Industries
Clive Tuck Meighs

The chairman, Keith Stokes (DERA) informed those present that Clive Tuck (Meighs Limited) and Phil Jacques (Oil States Industries), two speakers for this general meeting, had sent their apologies. He also announced that the back up speaker Brian Bell (Mentor Engineering), could not attend the meeting.

The chairman reminded those present that company members were invited to submit to the committee new bids for the running of the club secretariat. If no new bid is submitted, the contract will be placed with DERA for another year.

2. Technical Presentations

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2.1 'Corrosion and Biofouling performance of 90-10 and 70-30 Copper nickelsIn Marine Environments', C.A.Powell (Consultant to the Copper Development Association).

2.2 'Calcareous scales formed by cathodic protection- an assessment of their characteristics and kinetics', A P Morizot and A Neville (Corrosion and Surface engineering Research Group, Heriot-Watt University).

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