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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Hilton Treetops Hotel, 161 Springfield Road, Aberdeen, on TUESDAY, 8th April 2003.


Clive Tuck – Langley Alloys, Meighs Ltd (MCF Chairman)

Kevin Waterton – CAPCIS (committee)

Chris Baxter – AvestaPolarit  (committee)

Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Olivier Baradel – Totalfinaelf

Scott Cameron - Oceaneering OIS

Paul Dutton – Oceaneering OIS

Roger Francis – Weir 

R. Gibbons - Oceaneering OIS

Frank Hall – AvestaPolarit

Elizabeth Hillier - Oceaneering OIS

Roddy James – CorrOcean


Manfred Jasner – KME

Chi Lee – TWI

Steve McCoy – Special Metals

Robin Oakley - QinetiQ

Kirsten Oliver - CAPCIS

Charles Paterson - Oceaneering OIS

Carol Powell - CDA

Willy Schleich – KME

R. Stather - Oceaneering OIS

John Stevens – Lloyd’s Register

Brian Struszczak - Oceaneering OIS

Chris Williams - Oceaneering


Jamie Christie – Aberdeen Harbour

Bruce Cowe – AMEC

Michael Donnelly – ABB Offshore Systems

Chris Googan – Anti Corrosion Engineering

Ajee Mamman – Roemex

Craig Gibson –MB Inspections

Stephen Preece – British Energy

Mark Surry – AMEC

Jonathan Wells – AMEC

plus 2 who didn’t sign in


Ian Bradley – Oceaneering OIS

Alex Brigden – STASCO (guest)

Stuart Bond – TWI

Norman Cooper – BAE Systems

Phil Dent – Bodycote (committee)

Patrick Hall – MoD (committee)

David Howarth – Lloyds Register (committee)

Robin Jacob – Corrosion Consultancy

John Martin - BP

Jagath Mawella - MoD

David Medley - MetalTek

Bill Murphy – BP

Bill Nimmo – NPL (MCF Vice-Chair)

Len Phillips – Weir

Steven Plant – MB Inspections (guest)

Catriona Smith – BP

Keith Stokes – DSTL (Imm. Past Chairman)

Mike Swidzinski - ConocoPhillips UK (guest)

John Thomas – VDM (guest)

Barry Torrance – Aish Technologies (committee)

The Chairman (Clive Tuck) opened the meeting.  


Click for abstracts 

1.1  'Post Fabrication Cleaning: reasons and benefits’, Chris Baxter (AvestaPolarit Ltd)

1.2  'Corrosion in our Ports and Harbours’,
Roddy James (CorrOcean)


2.1   Linking with the previous presentation, Jamie Christie (Aberdeen Harbour Board) gave a User’s Perspective on the problem of Accelerated  Low Water Corrosion (ALWC), considering this from the civil engineering point of view.  He explained the problems facing the Aberdeen Harbour Board, including the costs and the scheduling of maintenance in such a busy port.  He also described how similar problems were gradually being experienced in other parts of the world, as the problem spread.  The need to share problems and solutions with corrosion experts as well as other harbour authorities was stressed.

2.2   Mike Swidzinski (ConocoPhillips UK) had sent his views on the current situation with respect to seawater corrosion, and the Chairman read these out to the meeting.  Mike indicated that, as far as he was aware, “there are no hot issues related to seawater affecting ConocoPhillips UK or European Installations at present.  The use of ‘seawater approved’ materials such as high Cr duplex, Marinel, Ferralium and the like is holding up well and not giving rise to problems - including hydrogen cracking.  Interestingly, we have seen evidence of Microbial Activity (SRB) on Monel which has resulted in pitting (but no failures)”.



3.1  ‘Experiences with Super Duplex Stainless Steel in Seawater’, R. Francis & G. Byrne (Weir Materials & Foundries)

3.2  'Nickel alloys in offshore oil, gas and marine applications', Steve McCoy (Special Metals Wiggin Ltd)

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 5:00 pm  


The meeting was followed by a meeting of ICorr, Aberdeen branch:-

 'Corrosion in water injection systems - problems and solutions', George Winning (Clariant Oil Services) & Drew McMahon (Helix RDS)

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