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Minutes of the General Meeting held at at The Palm Court Hotel, 81 Seafield Road, Aberdeen, in conjunction with ICorr, Aberdeen, on Tuesday, 6th April 2004.


Clive Tuck – Langley Alloys, Meighs Ltd (MCF Chairman)
Phil Dent – Bodycote (Vice-Chairman)
Robin Oakley - QinetiQ (committee)
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat
Salaheldin Al-Saadon – Lloyds Register
Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Stuart Bond – TWI
Roger Francis – Weir Materials
Catherine Hawkins – Lloyds Register
Elizabeth Hillier – Oceaneering International
Daley Lasebikan - Oceaneering International


Robin Jacob – The Corrosion Consultancy (speaker)
Tam McMahon – Lloyds Register
Ali Morshed - Lloyds Register
Andrew Nowicki – KBR
Carol Powell – Copper Development Association
Alistair Seton – Lloyds Register
Alan Turnbull – NPL (speaker)
Jian-Zhong Zhang – Lloyds Register


Matthew Doherty – Det Norske Veritas
Irene Hannah - Shell
Andrew Hitie – Sandvik Materials Technology
Fraser Selfridge – CNR International
Ed Wade – MetalEcosse
John Middleton – Tuscan Corrosion Control
Tomas Sydberger – DNV (speaker)
Bob Conder - Andrew Palmer & Associates
Bob Cottis - UMIST (speaker)
Elizabeth Hickson – Andrew Palmer & Associates
Matt Inglis – ABB Velco Gray
Roddy Kennedy – ABB Velco Gray
Rachel Smith – Champion-Servo
Ian Spring – Corrosion Control Services Ltd
Richard Waud – JRWaud (Materials Technology) Ltd


Ian Bradley – Oceaneering International
Norman Cooper – BAE Systems
Peter Cutler – NiDI
John Fowler – Rolls Royce
Mark Fraser – Aker Kvaener
David Howarth – Lloyds Register (committee)
Malcolm Morris – Leighs Paints (Guest)
Bill Murphy – BP Exploration


Wilhelm Schleich – KME Metal
Klaus Steinkamp – KME Metal
Keith Stokes – DSTL (Imm. Past Chairman)
Barry Torrance – Aish Technologies (committee)
Ed Warren – KBR (committee)
Robert Wood – Southampton University

The Chairman (Clive Tuck) opened the meeting.  


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1.1  'Assessment of Corrosion and Cracking Susceptibility of Welds’, Alan Turnbull (NPL)

1.2  'Internet-based Corrosion Information Systems
’, Bob Cottis (UMIST)



2.1.   Alan Turnbull presented information on DTI-funded ‘Studio’ projects, which are available for research programmes of interest to a group of companies which would be carried out over a period of up to18 months, at established research organisations.  The degree of DTI funding for these was particularly beneficial, thus, if there was a subject of sufficient interest, well over half the money could come from the DTI.  Further information was available from Alan and his colleagues at NPL. 

2.2.   The Chairman then mentioned that it was the MCF’s desire to set up a 3-year university research project in the area of erosion/corrosion.  The current project proposal involved studying the effects of flow rate, solids content and temperature on a number of cast metals (currently cast iron, 316, superduplex stainless steel, nickel aluminium bronze and two copper-nickel alloys have been suggested).  Annual payment over a 3-year project would be around £1,000, some of the funding coming from the MCF itself.  A number of companies within the MCF had expressed an interest and it was thought that companies outside may also like the opportunity to take part.  It was requested that any other interested companies should contact the Secretariat as soon as possible for further details.



3.1  ‘Control of Cathodic Protection on CRA Pipelines’, Robin Jacob (The Corrosion Consultancy Limited)

3.2  Keynote lecture:  'New DNV Recommended Practices on Submarine Pipeline Corrosion Control’, Tomas Sydberger (DNV, Hoevik, Norway)

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 5:10 pm  


The meeting was followed by a meeting of ICorr, Aberdeen branch:-

 "Corrosion Problems or Problems Solved? (Six current corrosion issues offshore)", Roger Francis (Weir Materials)

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