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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Novotel, Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 12th April 2006.


Clive Tuck – Langley Alloys Ltd (MCF Chairman)

Phil Dent – Bodycote (Vice Chairman)

Robin Jacob- Corrosion Consultancy (committee)

Robin Oakley – QinetiQ (committee)

Matthew Peet – Sheffield Testing Labs (committee)

Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Matthew Barwick – DML

Andy Bell – DML

Keith Bendall – Advanced Metals International

Brian Connolly – Birmingham University

Graham Edwards - TWI


Chris Fowler – Bodycote

John Fowler - Rolls Royce

George Frank - KBR

Briony Lee - TWI

Neil Lowrie – Titanium Information Group

Trevor Machin – Vistar Stainless Ltd

Roger Francis – Weir Materials & Foundries

Mike Lawrence – KBR

Carol Powell - CDA

Jim Preston – Corrosion Control Services Ltd

Mick Schofield – CAPCIS Ltd

Alan Soloman – Vistar Stainless Ltd

Suzanne Vincent – QinetiQ


Keith Stokes – MoD (DSTL) (Imm. Past Chairman)

David Howarth – Lloyd’s Register (committee)

Barry Torrance – Aish Technologies  (committee)

Robert Wood – Southampton University (committee)

Chris Amon – Aker Kvaerner

Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates

Stuart Bond – TWI

Peter Cutler – Nickel Institute  

Stan Hebden - Weir Materials & Foundries

David Hills – Total EP UK

Briony Lee – TWI

Jagath Mawella – Sea Technology Group, MoD

Len Phillips – Weir Pumps

Wilhelm Schleich – KME Metal

Klaus Steinkamp – KME Metal

Jian-Zhong Zhang - Lloyd’s Register

The Chairman (Clive Tuck) opened the meeting.  


1.1 The Chairman opened the meeting.  He reminded members of the MCF-led conference on: ’Offshore Materials & Corrosion: 40 Years On’, in June 2006, in Edinburgh.  He highlighted the fact that final brochures were available, and could be circulated to interested parties, as one of the aims of the conference was to boost MCF membership.  The Programme and Abstracts are available on the MCF website. 

The Chairman also gave a brief update on the progress of the collaborative research project.  It was planned that a paper would be presented at a conference in Canada.  

1.2  The Secretariat presented the list and topics of forthcoming meetings.  Any member wishing to make a presentation was again advised to volunteer soon, while the programme was being finalised. 

        A brief statement on the MCF accounts was given. 

2.   TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS (part 1):   Click for abstracts.

2.1      ‘Guided Wave Technology at TWI: Present and Future Capabilities’, Graham Edwards (TWI)

2.2      ‘Corrosion behaviour of carbon steel, low alloy steel and CRAs in partially deaerated seawater and comingled produced water’, M. J. Schofield, CAPCIS Ltd 


1.   Robin Oakley (QinetiQ) asked what was known about mercury embrittlement of high strength stainless steels.  He needed to know about mercury reaction with CRAs and stainless steels at ambient temperatures, at the surface, and by immersion.  It was agreed that some work exists for 316.  There was also work done on 13Cr, downhole at elevated temperatures and with mercury contamination. 

Liane Smith (Intetech) would be a good contact for her knowledge of gas lines which can contain mercury.  Mark Wilhelm (in Houston) was a consultant who could be found on the web.  Clive Tuck also mentioned that there would be several papers on this subject from the 70s and 80s, by Stan Lynch (ARL, Melbourne). 

2.   Roger Francis (Weir) asked if anyone knew of a laboratory offering test equipment which could test under different flow conditions and velocities.  He had a programme of work on cavitation thresholds.  There were disagreements about values which had been cited and he wanted to establish the facts.  It would be expensive to set up their own equipment so he wanted to know of suitable corrosion test laboratories.  The SINTEF laboratory in Norway was suggested as a possible place to contact.


4.1   ‘X-ray Tomography Techniques for Localised Corrosion and Environmentally Assisted Cracking Studies’, Brian Connolly (Birmingham University)

4.2    ‘Vistar - The super austenite corrosion solution’, Trevor Machin (Vistar Stainless Limited)

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm

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