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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen, in conjunction with ICorr, Aberdeen branch, on Tuesday, 15th April 2014.  



Phil Dent (Chairman) – Exova
Gary Masters (Vice-Chairman) – E.ON Technologies (Ratcliffe) Ltd
Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy
Carol Powell – CDA/NI
Pat Stokes – MACAW Engineering Ltd
Brian Wyatt - Corrosion Control
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests

Mike Adams – EnQuest (non-ICorr)
Adesiji Anjorin - Oceaneering (ICorr)
David Armstrong – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Richard Baily – Impalloy
George Ballingall - Corrpro
Chris Buchanan – Total E&P UK
Frances Chalmers – Centrica Energy Upstream (ICorr)
Kim Chua - Exova
Alex Delwiche – Deepwater EU Ltd
Clive Evans - Deepwater EU Ltd
Ross Fielding - Impalloy
Tim Froome – BEASY
Yunnan Gao– Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Chris Googan – Anticorrosion Engineering Ltd (ICorr)
Stephen Hall – Wood Group Kenny (ICorr)
Ashley Hawkins – ConocoPhillips (guest)
Elizabeth Hickson – Penspen (non-ICorr)
David Hillis – Total E&P UK
Hamid Iravani – Shell
Paul James - E.ON Technologies (Ratcliffe) Ltd

Nicolas Larchι – Institut de la Corrosion, France (guest speaker)
Xiuqing Li – Heatric Ltd
Michael Lowden – Rolls-Royce
Steve McCoy – PCC Special Metals
John Middleton – Tuscan Corrosion Control (ICorr)
Christopher Miller – Oceaneering (ICorr)
Matin Momeni – DNV GL
Ricardo Montenegro – BP Exploration (non-ICorr)
Aishling Mutch – Oceaneering (non-ICorr)
Udoka Obi – University of Aberdeen (guest)
Eugene Ogosi – Flexilife Ltd (ICorr)
Nigel Owen – Aberdeen Foundries (ICorr)
Kevin Paterson – Deepwater EU Ltd
Swapna Rajesh – Oceaneering (ICorr)
Marco Rapone – GE Oil & Gas
William Ritchie – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Janardhan Saithala – DNV GL
Jonathan Smuga – Exova
Ndubuisi Soronnadi - Shell
Stuart Spence – GE Oil & Gas
John Thirkettle – Thor Corrosion (ICorr)


Charlie Barraclough – Commtech
Richard Dawson - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Steve Ellis - Cathelco
Roger Francis – RFMaterials
John Galsworthy - QinetiQ
Dean Haley - MoD
Steve Hankins- Corrpro
Graham Hill – ECHA
Chris Lynch – Corrpro
Mike Moffat - Corrpro

Aneel Mumtaz – Cathelco
Robin Oakley (Committee) - QinetiQ
Joseph Plummer – DSTL
Ivan Richardson – Copper Alloys
Tony Staines – Langley Alloys
Keith Stokes - DSTL
Clive Tuck (Committee) – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Ben Turner – Copper Alloys
Gareth Williams – ECHA
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems

The MCF Vice-Chairman, Gary Masters (E.ON), opened the meeting.  


1.1    ‘Corrosion Management of Duplex Stainless Steel Gas Flow Lines’, Janardhan Saithala, DNV GL

1.2    ‘Corrosion Challenges of Ageing Offshore Assets’, Pat Stokes, MACAW Engineering Ltd

The MCF Chairman (Phil Dent, Exova) opened the afternoon session of the meeting.

1.3    Keynote: ‘Effect of Service Conditions on Seawater Corrosion Risk = Influence of Corrosion Potential and Cathodic Efficiency’, Nicolas Larchι, Institut de la Corrosion, France


2.1 Michael Lowden (Rolls-Royce) was interested in information regarding hydrogen assisted cracking of high strength steels in marine conditions. Phil Dent (Exova) referred him to the various literature on this topic which he felt to be comprehensive.


3.1  ‘Internal Cathodic Protection of Offshore Sea Water Pump Caissons’, Robin Jacob, CP Consultancy & Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control

3.2   ‘Under Pressure; Consequences of Aqueous Corrosion in the UK Fleet of Power Plant’, Paul James, E.ON Technologies (Ratcliffe) Ltd

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 4:50 pm  


The meeting was followed by a meeting of ICorr, Aberdeen branch:-

‘Corrosion Related Failures for Downhole Chemical Injection Lines’, Eugenia Marinou, Senergy