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Minutes of the General Meeting held on 4 July 2001 at The National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull, West Midlands

Persons present

David K Peacock The Titanium Information Group
Ian Bradley OIS
Carol Powell CDA
Andrew Speyer Southampton University
Kevin Waterton CAPCIS
Peter Felton Sheffield Testing
Pat Hall MoD
Bill Nimmo NPL
Chris Baxter AvestaPolarit
Robin Jacob Global Corrosion
Robin Oakley QinetiQ
Yannick Puget QinetiQ

1. Apologies

Keith Stokes, Chairman DSTL. In his absence, the chair was taken by the vice-chairman, Clive Tuck (Meighs Limited)
Stuart Bond TWI
Manfred Jasner KM Europa Metal
CM Fowler Bodycote Corrosion Centre
George C Grim Materials and Corrosion Protection Ltd
Leonard Phillips Weir Pumps
Trond Rogne SINTEF
Bengt Wallen Avesta Polarit

Clive Tuck announced that Brian Bell (Mentor Engineering), the third speaker of the meeting, had cancelled his presentation and that his talk would be replaced by a presentation by Roger Francis (Weir Materials Limited) on the performance of Zeron 100 super Duplex stainless steel welds in seawater.


These were accepted as a true record of that meeting.


There were no matters arising


1.      The membership total decreased from 38 to 34 in 2001. 3 company members resigned from the club (Krupp Vdm uk, Arnold Wragg and Allegheny Ludlum). In addition, one correction was made to the list of company members, which wrongly identified Weir Materials Services and Weir Pumps as two distinct members.

2.      The 26 subscription cheques collected in 2001 and the interest from the capital reserve account generated an income of 15,251.69. The total expenditure was 9,648.43, which included secretariat expenses for April to June 2001, facility hire for 3 meetings, Virtual Internet Fees, and the DERA invoice. The resultant profit was 5,603.26, which left the fund balance at 30 June 2001 at 21,722.47.


1.      Roger Francis announced that his new book, "Galvanic Corrosion; A Practical Guide for Engineers" has now been published by NACE. It is available from the NACE STORE on the NACE Website ( There is a discount for NACE members ($64) and during July and August shipping (DHL) is free.

The book is in ten chapters:
1. Introduction
2. First Principles
3. Alloys
4. Sea Water - 1. Alloys
5. Sea Water - 2. Components
6. Oil and Gas
7. Atmospheric Corrosion
8. Other Fluids
9. Galvanic Triangles
10. Methods of Prevention
The book features a lot about seawater with many practical do's and don'ts. It is aimed at the Engineer rather than the corrosion scientist.

2.      Bill Nimmo (NPL) brought two forthcoming events to the notice of the meeting:

Free Workshop on Corrosion Testing of Welds to be held at NPL on 12th September 2001 (contact [email protected])

Open Meeting - Creation of a National Centre for Conservation & Technical Advice on Marine Structures to be held at NPL on 24th October 2001 (contact Peter Morgan fax: 01633 411810)

3.      Clive Tuck (Meighs Limited) asked: 'How would CPT of superduplex relate to service life?'
It was felt by those present that CPT of superduplex did not relate to service life, and that the later was determined by other factors such as salinity, temperature, chlorine levels, flow rate and oxygen content.

4.      Clive Tuck (Meighs Limited) informed the company members that he had written a table of data on superduplex stainless steels in different environments. He announced that he wished to include aknowledgements of all companies who had provided information and that, if agreeable to company members, he wished to mention the Marine Corrosion Club.


Clive Tuck (Meighs Limited) announced that one new bid had been submitted to the club committee for the running of the club secretariat, and that it was currently being examined by the committee.


The next meetings will be held on the following dates:
10 October 2001, IOM, London
23 January 2001, IOM, London
9 April 2002, Stakis Hotel, Aberdeen
3 July 2002, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
9 October 2002, IOM, London

8. Technical Presentations

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8.1 'The performance of Titanium alloy 5111', David Peacock (The Titanium Information Group).

8.2 'Beyond Bronze: Alternative materials for ship propellers?', Robin Oakley (QinetiQ).

8.3 'The performance of Zeron 100 super duplex stainless steel welds in seawater', Roger Francis (Weir Materials Services)

8.4 'Latest technology for the inspection of corrosion degradation in the offshore oil&gas industry', Ian Bradley (OIS).

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