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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Novotel, Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 7th July 2004.


Clive Tuck – Langley Alloys, Meighs Ltd (MCF Chairman)  

Phil Dent – Bodycote (Vice Chairman)

Keith Stokes – MoD (DSTL) (Imm. Past Chairman)

David Howarth – Lloyd’s Register (committee)

Robin Oakley – QinetiQ (committee)

Barry Torrance – Aish Technologies  (committee)

Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Ed Warren – Kellogg, Brown & Root (committee)

Robert Wood – Southampton University (committee)

Robert Aedy – BEASY (guest)  

Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates

Derek Bates – DRB Materials Technology (guest)

Peter Cutler - NI

John Fowler – Rolls Royce

Chris Googan – Anticorrosion Engineering Ltd (guest)

Kjell Haugland – Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd (guest)

Robin Jacob- Corrosion Consultancy

Malcolm Morris – Leighs Paints (guest)

Jim Preston – Corrosion Control Services Ltd

Jian Zhong Zhang – Lloyd’s Register


Stuart Bond – TWI

Chris Baxter – Outokumpu (guest)

Norman Cooper – BAE Systems

Roger Francis – Weir Materials Services

Jagath Mawella – Sea Technology (MoD)


Len Phillips – Weir Pumps

Rob Smith – Special Metals

Wilhelm Schleich - KM Europa Metal

Klaus Steinkamp – KM Europa Metal

Kevin Waterton – CAPCIS  

The Chairman (Clive Tuck) opened the meeting.  


1.1    The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed new members Charlie Barraclough of Commtech Associates and Jim Preston of Corrosion Control Services Ltd.

        He also gave an update on the progress of the proposed collaborative research project.  Prof. Anne Neville at Leeds University had manage to secure additional funding in grants and awards.  This, together with promised sponsorship from several MCF member companies and the MCF itself, meant that the project looked set to start in Autumn 2004.  Documents would be circulated to those interested companies to sign to state their definite intention to proceed, and then a student could be allocated.  

1.2     The Secretariat presented the list and topics of forthcoming meetings.  She also reminded members that CPD certificates were available after the meeting for those who wished to use these meetings to build up their CPD portfolio. 

          A brief statement on the MCF accounts was given. 


2.1          ‘Predicting the Effectiveness of Corrosion Control Measures Using Computer Simulation’, Robert A. Adey and Ernesto Santana Diaz (BEASY) 

2.2      Methods of Surface Preparation to Extend Coating Life, Malcolm Morris & Graham Boaler (Leigh’s Paints)  


The Open Forum was an opportunity for two new members to briefly describe the work of their organisations. 

3.1   Jim Preston of Corrosion Control Services Ltd:  

Corrosion Control Services Ltd is a specialist cathodic protection company. We are based in Telford, Shropshire. We work throughout the UK and Ireland and worldwide through the offices of our parent company, Freyssinet Limited. Freyssinet Limited are themselves part of the Vinci Group of companies.

We work in three main disciplines, CP, corrosion survey and corrosion monitoring of reinforced concrete, CP of steel in water and above ground surveys for buried pipelines. The first two comprise our interest in the Marine Corrosion Forum as many of our CP projects for reinforced concrete or steel piling are in the marine environment. We operate as a design, supply and installation contractor and have our own in-house CP engineers and installation operatives

A particular interest is the use of CP to prevent accelerated low water corrosion and we provide both galvanic and impressed current CP systems to port and harbour owners, for both new and existing structures.  

3.2  Charlie Barraclough of Commtech Associates  

After 25 years in the industry I left the international engineering company John Brown (formerly Kvaerner, now Chicago Bridge) in Feb 2002 to set up my own consultancy, and have been working since then as an interim and part-time consultant for engineering companies such as Kellogg Brown and Root, JPKenny, Aker-Kvaerner and Technip  (for the hydrocarbons company AGIP).

My company is called Commtech Associates Ltd.  The company offers part-time/interim business, welding, corrosion, metallurgy and materials, and project engineering consultancy services, for special projects, during holidays, at busy times etc. Whilst I cover the general corrosion issues I have associates who cover details of cathodic protection and coating. The choice of associates should also make availability easier. The company profile is given at

Typically work has included materials selection for oil and gas installations onshore and offshore; this is followed through by detailed surveillance of design and manufacture to ensure that gaskets, valve parts, fasteners and other 'minor' items are in accordance with the materials selection. Welding procedures are closely monitored to make sure that corrosion issues are addressed. Examples were given of the failure of a bursting disk, the use of 316L control valves in Nickel alloy systems, the reduction of stress raisers in duplex stainless steel, the failure of gaskets in seawater, the use of welded continuity straps and other details of incorrect application of materials. 


4.1   Demands and expectations to protective coating systems: FPSOs versus Merchant Vessels, a few crucial differences’, Kjell Haugland (Jotun) 

4.2    Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment’, Barry Torrance (Aish Technologies)  

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:45 pm

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