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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Novotel, Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 4th July 2007.


Clive Tuck (MCF Chairman) – Langley Alloys Ltd

Phil Dent (Vice-Chairman) – Bodycote

Robin Jacob (committee) - Corrosion Consultancy

Robin Oakley (committee) – QinetiQ

Keith Stokes (committee) - DSTL

Barry Torrance (committee) – Aish Technologies

Robert Wood (committee) – Southampton University

Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Oliver Ashurst – DML (Devonport)

Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates

Don Bartlett - QinetiQ

Andrew Bell - DML (Devonport)

David Blaby – DML (Devonport)

Leslie Bortels - Elsyca, Belgium (speaker)

Jeff Crwys - Sea Technology Group, MoD

John Fowler – Rolls Royce

Ian Glover – Corrintec, Cathelco

Dennis Greaves - WSA, MoD

Steve Harris - BAE Research Centre

Ben Hooker - DML (Devonport)

Qing Lu – TWI

Jagath Mawella – Sea Technology Group, MoD

Len Phillips – Clyde Pumps

Carol Powell – NI

Alan Rose - Elsyca (guest)

Ernesto Santana - DNV

Mike Wilson – BAE Systems


David Howarth (committee) – Lloyd’s Register

Matthew Peet (committee) – CAPCIS

Chris Amon – Aker Kvaerner

Roger Francis – Weir Materials & Foundries

Roddy Kennedy – Vetco Gray

Trevor Machin – Vistar

Steve Paterson - Shell

The Chairman (Clive Tuck) opened the meeting.  


1.1   The Chairman opened the meeting.  He began by welcoming new members, Cathelco (Corrintec), represented at the meeting by Ian Glover, and DNV, represented by Ernesto Santana.  He also thanked Carol Powell (NI) for stepping in at the last minute, due to one speaker having to cancel at short notice.  

1.2   The Secretariat reported that the membership now stands at 30, three higher than in January.  We have gained Clyde Pumps (now the owners of Weir Pumps), CAPCIS, Cathelco (Corrintec), DNV, Shell and Vetco Gray.  The last three of these have joined following expiry of their conference membership.  Two companies have resigned their membership: Sheffield Testing and KBR, due to changes in priorities, and Cole & Swallow have not renewed their membership.

 A brief statement on the MCF accounts was given, and full details are attached as appendix.

Responding to requests from members, the committee had decided to have the metadex search results in electronic (pdf) form, instead of hard copy.  This would begin with the next set of results, due out shortly.  Hopefully this will be more useful, as the criteria for each result are shown in red, thus making it easier to scan through for terms which are of interest.

Members were reminded that CPD certificates were available after the meeting for those who wished to use these meetings to build up their CPD portfolio. 


2.1    ‘An Overview of Recent Copper-Nickel Sheathing Studies’, Carol Powell (Nickel Institute)

2.2     'Thin Film Corrosion Sensors – Combating the Effects of Time and Pilots', Steve Harris, BAE Research Centre


3.1.    Clive Tuck (Langley Alloys) mentioned that the MCF-led collaborative Erosion-corrosion project at Leeds University was nearing completion.  This had been a successful project and a model on 316 had been developed.  Prof Anne Neville was keen that a follow-on project should continue the work, and some of the companies had indicated a possible desire to be part of this.  

Clive asked if anyone was interested in taking part in a completely new project.  If so, he asked that they let him know the type of project that they would be interested in, and the location that they would consider to be the best for the work to be carried out.  A start date of October 08 would be likely for this 

3.2.   Ian Glover (Cathelco) gave a brief introduction to the work of his company.  Cathelco provide both AF (anti fouling) and ICCP systems to the marine industry, primarily in the commercial sector, and 98+% outside the UK. 

As our Customers are seeking additional help and advice not only for AF and ICCP, but also industrial, complex structure and military special applications, we are seeking to develop our expertise further, gain better awareness of current corrosion technology developments, and build a more flexible network of 'experts'.  The Marine Corrosion Forum is an idea platform to do this.  Cathelco is based in Chesterfield.

3.3.   Ben Hooker (DML) produced a section of approx 2" diameter 316 stainless steel pipe.  This was part of a heater for a caustic soda tank operating at 80-90º C.  Corrosion had been found on the whole unit but this was restricted to the underside on all the tubes.  Corrosion had been in 10 months whereas the previous unit had lasted 3 years.  The corrosion took the form of polished hemispherical pits ~1mm in diameter, which occupied a thin strip along the tube.  Ideas were sought for the cause:  Had the tube been welded and corrosion was in the welded region?  Had the heating unit been washed, causing the contaminant to concentrate in the underside of the tube?  SEM/microanalysis of the pits and micro of the steel tube section was recommended. 

3.4.   John Fowler (Rolls Royce) asked a question about Lean duplex stainless steel (LDX 2101).  PREN for this grade is 25 (Mn replaces Ni to make it cheaper).  This compares to 2205 with PREN 35.  CPT of 2205 is 50º C, whereas 2101 has CPT of seawater temperature.  John asked whether anyone had experience of 2101 in seawater service.  Nobody had, but it was mentioned that 2205 was used in seawater with cathodic protection.


4.1   ' Expert 3D Software Simulations for Cathodic Protection in Offshore and Marine Environments', L. Bortels+, B. Van den Bossche+, M. Purcar+, A. Dorochenko+, J. Deconinck++

 + Elsyca N.V., Kranenberg 6, 1731 Zellik, Belgium  ++ Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Department IR\ETEC, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium    [email protected]

4.2    ‘Erosion-Corrosion: Models and Physical Understanding – do we have any?’,, Robert Wood, Surface Engineering and Tribology, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:45 pm

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