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Minutes of the General Meeting held on 8th October 2003 at Lloyd’s Register EMEA, 71 Fenchurch Street, London.


Clive Tuck – Langley Alloys, Meighs Ltd (MCF Chairman)
Bill Nimmo -NPL (MCF Vice Chairman)
Chris Baxter – AvestaPolarit (committee)
Bill Broughton - NPL
Markys Cain - NPL
Chris Foreman – DfT/Highways Agency (guest)
John Fowler – Rolls Royce
Richard Freemantle – NDT Solutions (guest speaker)
George Grim – Materials & Corrosion Protection (guest)
Ken Hay  – EMCL (guest)
David Howarth – Lloyd’s Register (committee)
John Howson – Lloyds Register
Robin Jacob – Corrosion Consultancy
Manfred Jasner - KM Europa Metals
Nick McCormick – NPL

Duncan Moseley - Kellogg, Brown & Root
Robin Oakley – QinetiQ
Gary Penney - TWI
Vegard Schøyen - Bodycote
Faye Smith – TWI
Barry Torrance – Aish Technologies (committee)
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat
Ross Tudhope - Kellogg, Brown & Root
Ed Warren – Kellogg, Brown & Root
Kevin Waterton – CAPCIS (committee)
Peter Webster - CDA
Robert Wood – Southampton University
Jian-Zhong Zhang – Lloyd’s Register


Henrik Andersen – Amerada Hess
Stuart Bond – TWI
Norman Cooper – BAE Systems
Peter Cutler – NiDI
Jody Dazel-Job – QinetiQ
Phil Dent – Bodycote
Chris Fowler – Bodycote
Roger Francis – Weir Services
Pat Hall – MoD
Roddy James – CorrOcean
Len Phillips – Weir Pumps
Carol Powell – CDA
Willy Schleich – KM Europa Metal
Klaus Steinkamp – KM Europa Metal
Keith Stokes - DSTL

The Chairman (Clive Tuck) opened the meeting, welcoming members to the themed meeting on:            

State of the Art Composite Applications in Marine Environments


1.1       The Chairman showed the meeting an MCF poster and MCF business cards, which along with the existing MCF flyer, were available for members to take to meetings to advertise the Forum.  These could be obtained from the Secretariat.

 1.2   The Secretariat presented the list and topics of forthcoming meetings.  She also reminded the membership that CPD certificates were available after the meeting for those who wished to use these meetings to build up their CPD portfolio.  [CPD certificates available from Secretariat on request, at or after meeting].  Most members had now paid their 2003 subscriptions, and financial statements were available for those who wanted one.


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 2.1      ‘ Rules for, and Applications of, Marine Composites’, John Howson (Lloyds Register)

 2.2     Inspection of GRP and composites for marine applications’, Gary Penney (TWI) & ‘State-of-the-art techniques for the ultrasonic inspection of large area (marine) composite structures’,  Richard Freemantle (NDT Solutions)


Lunchtime demonstration by Markys Cain (NPL):  NPL’s fibre optics table-top demonstrator was used to show how this technology can be used to monitor the condition of composite materials.  Different strains could be imposed on the specimen (a model rail bridge) and the lap-top computer simulation showed the distortion of the specimen and the strain level achieved.



3.1  Robin Oakley (QinetiQ) gave notice of a 3-day course being run by QinetiQ on " Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Materials", 12- 14th November to be held at the QinetiQ site at Farnborough, Hampshire. The course is organised by QinetiQ in collaboration with the Composites Centre at Imperial College, London.

       The course aims to introduce participants to the full range of NDE techniques currently available for inspecting composite materials including ultrasonics, low frequency methods, x-radiography, image enhancement, acoustic emission, shearography and thermography. 

3.2    Chris Baxter (AvestaPolarit) announced that he was taking part in a sponsored climb in the Everest foothills in aid of SCOPE.  This is to take place in February 2004, and sponsorship would be welcomed.

3.3     A question was raised on possible sources of information for cathodic protection methods which could be used on aluminium-hulled vessels.  It was suggested that a possible source for this might be Stena Finyards, as they had had experience of aluminium-hulled ferries.


4.1    The Degradation of Polymer Composites in Marine Environments’, Bill Broughton (NPL)

4.2    Composites used in Minesweepers’, Jody Dazel-Job (QinetiQ, Rosyth) 

[‘Modelling the properties of ageing marine laminates’, by G Kotsikos,  J Dalzel-Job, K Morris and J Mawella.]

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:45 pm

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