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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Wednesday, 13th October 2010 at Kensington Forum, London.


Robin Oakley (Chairman) - QinetiQ
Phil Dent (Vice-Chairman) – Exova
Robin Jacob - Corrosion Consultancy
Matthew Peet – CAPCIS
Barry Torrance – Aish Technologies
Julian Wharton – University of Southampton
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests
Simon Banks – Rolls Royce Submarine
Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Steve Brown – EDF Energy
Geoff Camm - Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
Alex Delwiche - Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
John Galsworthy – QinetiQ
Dennis Greaves - MoD

Edward Hill - ECHA Microbiology Ltd
Barry Lamb – BAC Corrosion Control Ltd
Chi Lee – TWI
Jing Li – Clyde Pumps
Ben Marshall- Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
Gary Masters – E.ON Engineering Ltd
Robert McKellop – Ramboll (guest)
Stanley Nwaonu - Impalloy
Shiva Rajahram - University of Southampton
Tanvir Sumon – Saipen Ltd (NACE)
Peter Webster – CDA
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems
Jian-Zhong Zhang – Lloyd’s Register EMEA


John Cleminson – Langley Alloys
Peter Cutler – NI
Roger Francis – RA Materials
Ian Hamilton – Aker Solutions
Ben Hooker – Babcock (committee)
Graham Hill - ECHA Microbiology Ltd
Briony Holmes – TWI

Jagath Mawella - MoD
Steve Paterson – Shell
Carol Powell – CDA
Keith Stokes – DSTL
Clive Tuck – Lloyd’s Register EMEA (committee)
Chris Wheatley – CJ Wiretech
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control

The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Robin Oakley


1.1  ‘Strategies for Suppressing Microbial Growth Causing MIC’, Edward Hill & Graham Hill, ECHA Microbiology Ltd   

1.2  ‘Obvious and Not So Obvious Cost Savings Using Ship-borne ICCP’, Barry Torrance, Aish Technologies Limited  

2.      OPEN FORUM.  

2.1       There were no questions for the Open Forum.

3   MCF NEWS   

q     AGM: The Chairman gave advance notice for the MCF AGM which would be held as the final part of the January 2011 meeting.  He said that the whole management committee was standing for re-election, but that there were three vacancies.  Nomination forms were available at this meeting, or afterwards from the Secretariat.  He encouraged everyone to consider if they themselves was interested in joining the committee, or if the had other nominations. 

q       Projects:   The Chairman reminded members that the MCF had traditionally been active in supporting research projects.  Due to the great increase of cost in funding PhD projects this had recently been in abeyance, but the committee had been looking at other more cost-effective ways of proceeding.  Discussion with the University of Southampton (an MCF member) had highlighted the following two options:

o       Final Year Degree projects – these typically require an input of expertise, advice and materials

o       Summer Intern projects – these would require funding, but the costs are relatively low

The aim would be for the MCF, possibly with one or more member companies, to get involved in project(s) which could be of benefit of all.  Details of what was possible would be circulated by the Secretariat shortly, but meanwhile members might be thinking of project areas that could be of interest.

q     CPD certificates would be available from the Secretariat as usual, following the meeting.  Members were asked to kindly fill in the short Meeting Feedback Form if they wished to have a CDP certificate, as these were required for quality control of the scheme.


4.1  ‘An Investigation on the Erosion-corrosion Mechanisms of UNS S31603 using Focused Ion Beam and Transmission Electron Microscopy’, Shiva Rajahram, University of Southampton.

4.2  ‘Corrosion of Copper-30% Nickel Submarine Seawater Cooler Tubes’, John Galsworthy & Robin Oakley, QinetiQ Ltd 

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm


NACE GB invited all MCF members to their evening meeting at the same venue.

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