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6 October 2004, Wednesday, Lloyds Register, London,  in conjunction with IMarEST 

'Problems on Corrosion in Marine Piping', Jian-Zhong Zhang and David Howarth (Lloyd's Register) 
Keynote:Corrosion Management
, Derek Milliams (Advanced Corrosion Management Services)
The Vagaries of Corrosion Testing
, Phil Dent & Chris Fowler (Bodycote Materials Testing)
Modelling of marine cathodic protection systems
, David Tighe-Ford (Cranfield University)

7 July 2004, Wednesday, Novotel, Birmingham International

Theme – Corrosion Protection  'Predicting the Effectiveness of Corrosion Control Measures Using Computer Simulation'
, Robert A. Adey & Ernesto Santana Diaz (BEASY)
'Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Equipment'
, Barry Torrance (Aish Technologies)
'Methods of Surface Preparation to Extend Coating Life'
, Malcolm Morris & Graham Boaler (Leigh's Paints)
'Demands and expectations to protective coating systems: FPSOs versus Merchant Vessels, a few crucial differences
, Kjell Haugland (Jotun Paints)

6 April 2004, Tuesday, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen, in conjunction with ICorr, Aberdeen 

Assessment of Corrosion and Cracking Susceptibility of Welds, Alan Turnbull(NPL)
'Internet-based Corrosion Information Systems'
, Bob Cottis (UMIST)
'Control of Cathodic Protection on CRA Pipelines'
, Robin Jacob (Corrosion Consultancy)
KeynoteNew DNV Recommended Practices on Submarine Pipeline Corrosion Control
, Tomas Sydberger (DNV, Norway)  

21 January 2004, Wednesday, Lloyds Register - EMEA, London

Theme - Marine Piping Systems

'No Corrosion in 40 Years - A  Mission Impossible?', Mike Dale (MACAW Engineering)
Service Recommendations for CuNi 90/10 Seawater Piping Systems
, Wilhelm Schleich (KM Europa Metal)
The Use of Titanium in Naval Applications
, John Fowler (Rolls Royce)

8 October 2003, Lloyds Register - EMEA, London

Theme:  State of the Art Composite Applications in Marine Environments

Inspection of GRP and composites for marine applications, Gary Penney (TWI)
Composites used in Minesweepers
, Jody Dazel-Job (QinetiQ, Rosyth)
The Degradation of Polymer Composites in Marine Environments
, Bill Broughton (NPL)
'Rules for, and Applications of, Marine Composites'
, John Howson (Lloyd's Register)

2 July 2003, Novotel, Birmingham International Airport

How does current EU Legislation effect the Performance of Future Fastener Coating Processes?,  David G James (Surface Engineering Specialists Ltd)
'Microbial Induced Corrosion on Stainless Steels in the Final Stages of Wastewater Treatment'
, Anna Iversen (AvestaPolarit)
'Corrosion in 40 Minutes - Evaluating the Susceptibility of Welds'
, Bill Nimmo (NPL)
'The Behaviour and Application of Stainless Steels in Water Treatment Plants & Distribution Systems'
, Carol Powell (NiDI)

8 April 2003, Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen 

'Post Fabrication Cleaning:  reasons and benefits', Chris Baxter (AvestaPolarit).
'Corrosion in our Ports and Harbours'
, Roddy James (CorrOcean)

'Experiences with Super Duplex Stainless Steel in Seawater'
, R. Francis & G. Byrne (Weir Materials & Foundries)

'Nickel alloys in offshore oil, gas and marine applications'
, Steve McCoy (Special Metals)

22 January 2003, Lloyds Register of Shipping, 71 Fenchurch Street, London

'Coatings to Protect Nickel Aluminium Bronze'
, Robin Oakley (QinetiQ).
'Why Listen to Electrochemical Noise? Erosion-corrosion related noise of HVOF AB and NAB coatings',
TS Tan & RJK Wood (Surface Engineering & Tribology Group, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton).
Current Requirements and Developments for Marine Anti-fouling Paints
, Julian Hunter (Akzo Nobel International Paints)

9 October 2002, Lloyds Register of Shipping, London

' On the implications of European Framework Programme Six for marine corrosion projects', Cliff Funnell (Cliff Funnell Associates).
' Stress Corrosion Cracking of Precipitation-hardened Stainless Steel Bolting'
, P. Dent (Bodycote Materials) and Roger Francis (Weir Material Services)
' Marine Microbiological Corrosion - are we getting to the bottom of it?'
, Bob Edyvean (Sheffield University)
' Experimental Impressed Current Anode Design'
, Barry Torrance (Aish Technologies)

3 July 2002, Novotel, Birmingham International Airport

'Potential Control and Hydrogen Embrittlement - An Update', Robin Jacob (Corrosion Consultancy Ltd).
'Advantages of CuNi 90/10 pipes for sea water service. Recent results from testing in natural North Sea water',
Manfred Jasner (Marine Applications, KM Europa)
'Flow Corrosion of Austenitic and Superduplex Stainless Steels',
RJK Wood & JA Wharton (Surface Engineering & Tribology Group, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton)
'Corrosion Fatigue - From Pits to Cracks'
, Robert Akid (Sheffield Hallam University)

9 April 2002, Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen

'Tungum Alloy (Tubing)- An Old-fashioned Material in a Modern World', Bill Inglis (Tungum Hydraulics Ltd).
'Recent developments in the use of high strength cupro-nickel alloys in off-shore engineering',
Clive Tuck (Langley Alloys, Meighs Limited).

'Erosion-corrosion of materials for drill bits offshore',
Myrna Reyes & Anne Neville (Heriot Watt University).

'Corrosion and cracking effects on the structural safety of ships',
Iain Kennedy (QinetiQ, Rosyth)

23 January 2002, Lloyds Register of Shipping, London

'Development of Titanium/Steel Composite Risers', Phil Jaques (Oil States Industries (UK) Ltd).
'Stainless Steels for Marine Environments'
, Jan Olsson (Avesta Polarit Ltd)
'Material Selection for Corrosion Prevention'
, Roger Francis (Weir Materials & Foundries Ltd.).

10 October 2001, Institute of Materials, London

'Why or is there a gap between laboratory test data and field experiences using high alloyed SS for seawater handling', Trond Rogne (SINTEF).
'Hydrogen embrittlement Stress Corrosion Cracking of Superduplex Stainless Steel Under Cathodic Protection',
Paul Woollin (TWI).
'25%Cr Superduplex Stainless Steel - 35 years old and still going strong(er)'
, Clive Tuck (Langley Alloys, Meighs Limited).
'Post Fabrication Cleaning: Some "Why's and Wherefore's" '
, Chris Baxter (Avesta Polarit Ltd).

4 July 2001, Motorcycle Museum, Nr. Birmingham

'The performance of Titanium alloy 5111', David Peacock (The Titanium Information Group).
'Beyond Bronze: Alternative materials for ship propellers?'
, Robin Oakley (DERA).
'The performance of Zeron 100 super duplex stainless steel welds in seawater',
Roger Francis (Weir Materials Services Ltd).
'Latest technology for the inspection of corrosion degradation in the offshore oil & gas industry'
, Ian Bradley (OIS).

4 April 2001, Stakis Tree Tops Hotel, Aberdeen

'Corrosion and Biofouling Performance of 90-10 and 70-30 Copper Nickels in Marine Environments'
, Carol Powell (Copper Development Association).
'Calcareous scales formed by cathodic protection- an assessment of their characteristics and kinetics',
A P Morizot and A Neville (Corrosion and Surface engineering Research Group, Heriot-Watt University).

24 January 2001, Institute of Materials

'Erosion-corrosion of marine pipework: failure of HVOF coatings',
Andrew Speyer (University of Southampton)
'Corrosion control: the practical application of polymer technology in the marine industry',
Gavin Bowers (Belzona).
'The impact of extended docking intervals on the maintenance of ship coatings beneath the waterline',
David F Jones (UMC International Plc)

11 October 2000, Institute of Materials

'Development of corrosion resistant coatings by high velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) spraying', Dave Harvey (TWI)
'Developments in modelling crevice corrosion',
John Oldfield (Cortest)
'Electrochemical techniques for characterising the corrosion susceptibility of welds',
Alan Turnbull (NPL)

5 July 2000

'Coming to a Sheet Pile Near You... The Bug of the Millennium- A Wholly Practical Guide to Actual Holes',
Mike Hodgson (John Martin Construction Ltd) and Tom Shelley (Felixstowe Dock & Railway Co.).
'High Pressure Air cylinders reducing through-life costs',
Ritchie Brown (BAESEMA).
'The development and properties of 25%Cr superduplex stainless steel wirelines, strands and ropes',
Keith Bendall (Advanced Metals International Ltd).
'The commercial use of corrosion resistant metals and their alloys subsea - a marine manufacturers perspective',
Phillip Walsh and David Somerville (CRP Marine).

4 April 2000

'Cost of corrosion', Nigel Whitehouse (PRA)
'A review of procedures for assessing corroded vessels and pipelines',
Alan Smith (TWI)
'Nickel alloys in seawater service',
Steve McCoy (Inco Alloys)
'Alloy 825 and 718 gasket corrosion in deep water (500m) connections',
Chris Amon (Mentor Subsea Technology Servcies)

18 January 2000

'Performance of a highly alloyed stainless steel in seawater cooled plate heat exchangers', Lena Wegrelius (Avesta Sheffield)
'A model for corrosion of the depleted zones around sigma precipitates produced during welding of super duplex stainless steel',
Roger Francis (Weir Materials)
'Metallurgical examination during weld procedure qualification for ferrite-austenite stainless steels',
Trevor Gooch (TWI)

13 October 1999

'Localised Corrosion: Implications and assessment methods for structural integrity', Bob Akid (SIRIUS)
'Monitoring of polyurethane coatings in flowing saline slurries'
, Rob Wood (Southampton University)
'Hydrogen embrittlement in superduplex stainless steels'
, David Baxter (DERA)
'Corrosion performance of titanium heat exchangers'
, John Fowler (Rolls Royce Plc)

7 July 1999

'Guidelines for design and use of Titanium Heat Exchangers in marine and offshore applications', David Peacock (TIG)
'Examination of coating failure in marine environments using scanning acoustic microscopy',
John Sykes (Oxford University)
'Microbial corrosion of stainless steels in marine mud'
, Roger Francis (Weir Materials)
'Corrosion Monitoring - Fact or Fiction'
Colin Britton

2 March 1999

'Corrosion issues with subsea electrical connectors', Allan Nicholson (Tronic Ltd)
'Corrosion and erosion-corrosion coatings of thermally sprayed Cermet coatings'
, Trevor Hodgkiess (Glasgow University)
'West of Shetland - Some Experience'
, Bill Murphy (BP-Amoco)
'The effect of copper corrosion products on the crevice corrsosion of Stainless Steels
', Roger Francis (Weir Materials)

27 January 1999

'The BT Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race', Alastair Hackett (BT Challenge Business)
'Surface preparation and marine coating performance', David Buckle (W&J Leigh & Co.)
'Life cycle costing for offshore structures'
, Kjell Haughland (Jotun-Henry Clark)

14 October 1998

'High strength cupro-nickels - past, present and future', Clive Tuck (Meighs Langley Alloys Division Ltd)
'Latest developments in the conservation of large ships',
Des Barker (Portsmouth University)
'Influence of Biomineralisation and Colloids on Marine biofouling'
Mark Varney (University of Southampton)
'Fundamentals of localised corrosion and SCC of high alloy stainless steels in marine environments'
Roger Newman (UMIST) 

8 July 1998

'Scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) and marine corrosion', Peter Farr (Birmingham University)
'Incorporating lessons learned into the corrosion engineering of the BP Bruce Phase II Subsea Development',
Charlie Barraclough (Kvaerner Process)
'Cathodic Protection: Hydrogen Pick-up and Transport'
, Alan Turnbull (NPL)

'Cathodic protection and hydrogen embrittlement', Robin Jacobs (Global Corrosion)

22 April 1998

'Relating test procedures to service situations', Hector Campbell
'Corrosion of carbon-manganese steel welds',
Trevor Gooch (TWI)
'Printed circuit heat exchangers in offshore applications', Tony Johnston (Heatric)
'Comparison of high strength steel corrosion fatigue data with the revised PD6493 guidance',
Alan Smith (TWI)

3 March 1998

'Recent developments in the use of titanium offshore', David Peacock (TIG)
'Novel techniques for the assessment of corroded pipework'
, Robert Gunn (Plant Integrity)
'Coupling of stainless steel and nickel aluminium bronze - successes and disasters',
Roger Francis (Weir Materials)
'Internal corrosion of seawater lift pump caissons'
, Paul Badelek (BP)

21 January 1998

'The development and service parameter characterisation of Nibron Special® - a very high strength cupronickel resistant to degradation in diverse marine environments', Keith Bendall, Columbia Metals Ltd
'Replacement of cadmium and chromates in metal finishing'
, Kevin Baldwin, DERA
'Mechanical and electrochemical interactions during erosion-corrosion in aqueous slurries'
, Anne Neville, Heriot Watt University

October 1997

"Electrochemical imaging of corrosion processes", David Williams, University College London
"A new anode material to minimise the risk of stress corrosion on high strength steels in seawater", Valeric Debout, DCN
"Performance of riser splash zone protective cladding", Paul Badelek, BP
"Carbon films on Cu alloys", Adrian Graham, AEA Technology

July 1997

"Effect of minor constituents in seawater on corrosion", Dr Brian Todd, NiDi Consultant
"Metallic coatings by HVOF spraying for corrosion protect in marine environments", Dr Andy Sturgeon, TWI   
"The use of advanced electrochemical techniques for plant corrosion surveillance", Dr Dave Eden, Mentor-1 Group   
 "The effects of insulation defects on the corrosion of sub-sea superduplex stainless steel process pipes", Dr Roger Francis, Weir Materials   

January 1997

"Control of biofouling without tears", Dr Bob Eden. CAPCIS 
"Corrosion fatigue of cathodically protected high strength steels - the role of sulphate reducing bacteria", Dr Mike Robinson, Cranfield 
"Practical applications of coatings for preventing corrosion and wear", Dr Maxine Watson, AEA Technology

October 1996

"Overview of materials used for seawater handling on offshore platforms", Alan Warburton. Brown & Root 
"Galvanic coupling of duplex stainless steels", Aeronwen Griffiths, NPL   
 "Use of GRP pipes in ships and offshore", Mr George Grim, Shell Trading & Shipping Company 
"Some aspects of the environment sensitive behaviour of marine fastener alloys", Dr Clive Tuck. Columbia Metals 

July 1996

"Alloy materials for CP systems", Dr Bob Crundwell, Britannia Alloys and Chemicals
"Correlation of the microstructure of a 6% molybdenum stainless steel with performance in a high aggressive test medium", John Grubb, Allegheny Ludlum
"Pitting corrosion of duplex stainless steels", Mr L Garfias-Mesias, University of Oxford 
"The performance of concretes in chloride containing conditions", Mr Ray Cox, BRE 

April 1996

"Downhole injection of raw sea water", Dr Roger Francis, Weir Materials  
"The RCP method for prevention of local corrosion on stainless steels in saline water piping systems", Mr Craig Donald, CorrOcean Ltd 
"Some corrosion mechanisms of tubes and pipes", Mr Ritchie Brown, BAeSEMA
"Welding techniques for high alloy austenitic stainless steels", Dr Trevor G Gooch, TWI

February 1996

"Seawater and firewater systems", Dr Mike Swidzinski, Phillips Petroleum Co.  
"Comparison of the corrosion properties of cast aluminium bronze with stainless steels", Mr Vin Calicut, Copper Development Association  
"Materials selection for corrosion control in desalination plant", Dr Trevor Hodgkiess, Glasgow University  

January 1996

 "Development in materials technology for marine pumps", Mr Len Phillips, Weir Pumps
"Performance of marine materials under erosive flow conditions", Dr Robert Wood, Southampton University.  
"Structural Adhesives", Mr Alan Hunter, Altra Consultants Ltd.  

October 1995

"Gasket materials in the marine environment" , Mr Peter C Snitter, Klinger Lt
"Mixed metal systems for marine service", Mr Brian Shone, Consultant  
"Clad materials - An economic solution" , Dr Liane Smith, Intetech, Consultant to NiDI  
"Investigation of marine corrosion failures" , Mr Ken Farrow, RTD UK

July 1995

"The corrosion performance of aluminium alloys in marine environments" , Mr Keith Stokes, DRA
"Update on nickel base alloys in the marine environment" , Mr David Hopkins, Inco Alloys  
"The cost of corrosion - An economic assessment" , Dr Bijan Kermani, BP International  
"Development of a new alloy for high strength Cu-Ni tubing" , Mr Keith Bendall, Langley Alloys  

January 1995

“Nuclear Electric's experiences of corrosion in cooling water systems”, Mr Terry Parsons, Nuclear Electric  
“The Possibilities For Screwed & Polymer Lined Pipelines”, Philip Jaques, Hunting Oilfield Services
“Mechanisms of Corrosion and SCC Resistance in Duplex Stainless Steels”, A. Barnes and R.C. Newman, UMIST, Corrosion and Protection Centre  
“Sacrificial Anode Protection of Firewater/Seawater Lift Pump Caissons”, Dave Glasgow, ACEL

September 1994

"MIC" - Dr Andrew M Pritchard, AEA Technology  
"Corrosion of duplex stainless steel" Mr Robert N Gunn, TWI  
"Corrosion behaviour of martensitic stainless steels in slightly sour oilfield environments", Dr Mick Schofield, Cortest Laboratories Ltd  
"Galvanic coupling of materials with stainless steels", Dr Roger Francis, Weir Materials Ltd

April 1994

‘Corrosion Design Data Requirements – a design house view’, Dr Mike Swidzinski (Kvaerner H&G Offshore) 
‘Corrosion Engineering Guide for the Selection of Stainless Steels in Aqueous Environments’, Dr John Oldfield (Cortest Labs Ltd) -Consultant to NiDI 
‘Service Experience of Marinel High Strength Cupronickel Alloy’, Dr Clive D S Tuck (Langley Alloys) 
‘Materials and corrosion experiences of British Gas’, Mr Richard Knight, British Gas (ERS)   

January 1994

‘Materials and Material Selection in the 0il and Gas Industry’, Mr Roger Hayes (John Brown Ltd)   
‘Extending the Applications of Titanium to Marine Environments’, Dr Trevor J Glover (Titanium Information Group)
‘Mapping of Corrosion Using T-Scan Ultrasonic Imaging’, Mr Bryan Kenzie (TWI)

September 1993

'Hydrogen Embrittlement of Corrosion Resistant Alloys', Dr Roger Francis, Weir Materials
'Effects of alloy composition and conditions of use on the performance of copper-nickel sheeting for small boats', Mr Hector Campbell, Consultant  
'Ceramic/metallic corrosion resistant coatings', Mark F Mosser - Sermatech International  
'Application of cathodic protection at limited potentials', Dr Robin Jacobs - Global Corrosion Consultants  

June 1993

‘Fundamental Characteristics of Pitting Corrosion’, G.L. Burstein (Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge)
‘Paint Systems for the Protection of Marine and Offshore Structures’, Dr N R Whitehouse (Paint Research Association)
'Life Cycle Costing', D.J. Cochrane (NiDI)

January 1993

'Pros and cons of direct and indirect seawater cooling', Liane Smith, Intetech Ltd (NiDI)
'Biodegradation of materials', Ken Tiller, Nat Corr Service (DTI)

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